Alpha Bay Builders, Inc. $ 400 ,000.00

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District (Agency): San Francisco
Request Bids From:: DVBE, DBE, LBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, OBE subcontractors and/or Suppliers


Contract Description: Raoul Wallenberg High School – Theater Renovation, PROJECT NO: 11084
The Project is generally described as: Renovations to the existing theater including but not limited to lighting upgrades and additions, improvements to lighting controls, installation of production rigging, installation of acoustical wall panels, supplying and installing audio-visual, hazardous material/Asbestos remediation and other misc. interior renovation work.
BID Address: San Francisco
Contract Duration: 110 days


Estimator: Sherman Chiu
Date for Submittal of Bid Proposal: 04-27-2017@2:00PM


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