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District (Agency): San Francisco Unified School District
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Contract Description: Hillcrest ES Interim Housing Project, SFUSD Project No: 11903

Installation of two Interim Housing units including but not limited to: Demolition and replacement of the main yard access gate, coordination of delivery for the interim housing classrooms to be provided by others, installation and connection of utilities for the interim housing classrooms including power, phone, data, fire alarm and security alarm devices. Contractor will also be responsible for installation of asphalt landings for the classroom ramps and drilling of the interim housing building anchors through the existing asphalt that contains hazardous materials. Contractor will also be responsible for hazardous material removal as needed to route and connect utilities to the existing main building. The scope of work also includes demolition and removal of three existing classroom bungalows as well as disconnect and removal of all electrical and low voltage utilities associated with those existing bungalows.
BID Address: San Francisco
Contract Duration: 139 days


Estimator: John Chen
Date for Submittal of Bid Proposal: 02-26-2019


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