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District (Agency): San Francisco Unified School District
Request Bids From:: DVBE, DBE, LBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, OBE subcontractors and/or Suppliers


Contract Description: Clock/PA Systems Project at June Jordan School for Equity & City Arts and Tech High School, SFUSD Project Number: 12127

The Work consists of but not necessarily limited to replacement of existing clocks and public address systems with new devices that include the removal of existing speakers and clocks, installation of new Clock/PA head-end equipment, and associated conduits and wiring, and hazardous abatement, and janitorial cleaning of all rooms affected by the work.
BID Address: 3314 Cesar Chavez Street
Contract Duration: 132 calendar days


Estimator: Valdim
Date for Submittal of Bid Proposal: 04-04-2019


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