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District (Agency): San Francisco Unified School District
Request Bids From:: DVBE, DBE, LBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, OBE subcontractors and/or Suppliers


Contract Description: Longfellow Elementary School Exit Balcony Additions, SFUSD Project Number: 12059

Contractor shall provide labor and materials for new exterior exit balconies and stair additions to the 1st and 2nd floor of Longfellow Elementary School. Work will include, but is not limited to a new fire pump and relocation of gas meter, new exterior exit balconies and stairs at the east and west sides of the building, new sprinkler system through the entire existing building with interior modifications consisting of but not limited to shotcrete concrete beams, storefront modifications, additional frp exit doors, modification to the hvac radiator system, and associated repair and electrical & plumbing work. The scope of work is outlined in provided DSA approved construction documents. This job is to be completed in 2019
BID Address: 3314 Cesar Chavez Street
Contract Duration: 210 calendar days


Estimator: Valdim
Date for Submittal of Bid Proposal: 04-02-2019


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