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District (Agency): City of San Mateo
Request Bids From:: Electrical&Instrumentation,Coatings,HVAC,MiscMetals,CIPP Lining,Concre


Contract Description: Scope of Work:
1. A refurbished wet well for the pumping station with new
concrete baffle wall.
2. Replacement of dry weather and wet weather flow pumps
and pumping appurtenances.
3. Replacement of electrical equipment, including transformer,
motor control centers and programmable logic controllers.
4. Replacement of a diesel generator.
5. Replacement of ancillary systems required to operate the
pumping station.
6. Replacement of sections of force main and surge tanks.
7. CIPP lining of concrete force mains. 8. Miscellaneous
facility improvements.
JMB is seeking DBE quotes for the following portions of work:
Electrical & Instrumentation, Coatings, HVAC, Misc Metals, CIPP Lining, Structural Concrete.
Vendors: Mechanical Pipe, Readymix Concrete, Surge/Bladder Tanks, HDPE Pipe
Plans & Specs are available for review in our office or e-mail us for electronic copy. Performance &
Payment Bonds may be required. Please contact our office for assistance with bonding, insurance
and lines of credit.
JMB Construction INC 132 South Maple Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Phone: (650) 267
5300 Fax: (650) 267 5302 An Equal Opportunity Employer
BID Address: 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA
Contract Duration: 530 WD


Estimator: Dana Wilkins
Date for Submittal of Bid Proposal: 09-11-2019


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