BHM Construction, Inc. $ 35 ,000 ,000.00

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District (Agency): Solano Community College District
Request Bids From:: Licensed and Certified DVBE, SLBE, and WBE Subcontractors
BHM Construction, Inc.


Contract Description: BHM Construction, Inc. invites licensed and certified DVBE & SLBE Subcontractors to submit pricing for the following scopes of work: demolition, earthwork, abatement, concrete, structural steel, metal fabrications, metal decking, thermal and moisture protection, roofing, hollow metal doors and frames, door hardware, drywall and plaster, overhead coiling doors, storefronts, glass & glazing, tile, acoustical panel ceilings, flooring, carpeting, painting, toilet compartments and accessories, stage curtains, metal lockers, hydraulic elevators, HVAC, electrical, and signage.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We will assist in bonding & insurance should it be required.
BID Address:
Contract Duration: 23 months


Estimator: Seamus Dooher


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