Contract Description: The Project is generally described as: General School Modernization and reconstruction including but not limited to: Demolition, Hazmat, ADA Access, Seismic Upgrades, and Fire/Life-Safety upgrades, and seismic upgrade. Complete renovation of existing two-story building and existing one-story building. Temporary weather enclosure shrink wrap, temporary roofing, and scaffolding. Renovations include new mechanical, electrical, and low voltage systems, new plumbing and fire sprinkler systems, new partitions, windows, doors, casework, and all new finishes both interior and exterior, and new roofing. Site work including ADA path of travel upgrades and related paving, planting and irrigation, new PG&E service, fencing and gates, freestanding canopy structure, site walls and curbs, and site utilities including points of connection in the public right of way. Previous work included selective demolition of some existing finishes, partitions, utilities, fixtures, and hazmat abatement. No structural demolition was performed. The Estimated construction value of the work is $11,500,000.
Bid Address: San Francisco, CA


Estimator Name: Gordy Lee


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