San Francisco Small/Micro-LBE’s and SFPUC LBE’s
SUBCONTRACTORS/SUPPLIERS for: Construction work is specialized in-tunnel repairs, hard rock excavations of new tunnel and deep shaft excavation involving explosives, new tunnel portal excavation involving
explosives, grouting in tunnels and pre-excavation grouting to control groundwater infiltration, new tunnel linings
over waterproofing, sheet membrane waterproofing systems, and roadway slope stabilization involving rock scaling, soil nailing, rock bolting, slope mesh installation and controlled blasting.
Flatiron-Drill Tech, A Joint Venture (“FDTJV”) is soliciting quotes for the following scopes of work, but not limited to: Divisions 02 through 48 of the Technical Specifications or: Demo, Clear & Grub, Erosion Control, Grading/Excavation, AC Paving, Micro Piles, Rebar, Shotcrete, Soil Nail Walls, Erect Steel Structures, Building Subcontractor, Painting & Coatings, Waterproofing, Fencing/Gates, Electrical & Instrumentation Controls, Minor Concrete, Building Masonry, Welding, Concrete Pumping, Misc. Metals (including: Stairs & Ladders, Metal Grating, Pipe & Tube Railings), Iron & Structural Steel, Trucking, Ready Mix, Dewatering & Water Treatment, Underground Utilities, Survey, Quality Control Testing, Aggregates Supply (including: Gabion Rock & Rip Rap), Gabion Baskets, Large Diameter Steel Pipe including: 72”, 107” and PVC Pipe, Misc. Mechanical Valves (including: Gate, Butterfly, Check & Double Disc Knife Gate Valves), Sump Pumps, Sheet Metal Roofing, Steel Roof Decking, HVAC & Ducts, Vault/Access Doors/Frames, Louvers/Vents, Hoists & Cranes, Signage, Misc. Construction Materials, SWPPP (plan/materials) and Geotextile materials.
Bid Address: 2100 Goodyear Rd., Benicia, CA 94510
Contract Duration: 5 years
Contract Value: $ 150,000,000.00


Estimator Name: Jeff Wells
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 08-25-2020
Bid Due Date: 08-27-2020


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Flatiron-Drill Tech, A Joint Venture