Contract Description: The Project primarily includes installation of approximately 3 miles of sanitary sewer trunk main ranging in size from 48-inch to 15-inch diameter and other components as shown in the Project technical specifications and plans in the bid package. The pipeline will be located within South Coombs Street, Spruce Street, Franklin Street, Sycamore Street, Jefferson Street, Old Sonoma Road, crossing of Highway 29 at Old Sonoma Road, Freeway Drive, 1st Street, and Browns Valley Road near the intersection of Thompson Avenue. The project will include trenching, removal and replacement of existing sewer and manholes, modifications to the water system, installation of dewatering wells, bypass pumping, removal and replacement of asphalt paving,pavement overlay, striping and markings and CIPP of existing sewer and manhole rehabilitation.
Bid Address: 132 South Maple Ave, South San Francisco
Contract Duration: 560 calendar days
Contract Value: $ 21.00


Estimator Name: Gearoid Crowe
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 02-10-2020
Bid Due Date: 02-11-2020


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