Contract Description: The objective of the project will ensure that the irrigation systems at Golden Gate and Lincoln Park in San Francisco are meeting the regulations for using recycled water. Work includes retrofits to existing irrigation systems, installation of signage, installation of gate valves (2-inch to 12-inch), backflow preventers, and other minor plumbing/pipeline work in Golden Gate Park and Lincoln Park. Work also includes modifications to the existing Elk Glen Pump Station, installation of approximately 2,000 LF of 8-inch diameter PVC main, and construction of two (2) valve vaults. The work is to be performed in San Francisco, California.
Bid Address: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Contract Duration: 365 calendar days
Contract Value: $ 3,000,000.00


Estimator Name: Richie Kane
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 04-02-2020
Bid Due Date: 04-02-2020


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