Contract Description: Project Name: Hwy 101 Replace Structural Conc Bridge 04-4G8204
San Rafael, Marin County
DBE Goal: 12%
Work types requested, but are not limited to, the following: Bar Reinforcing Steel, Bridge Removal, Clean & Thermal Spray Coat Steel Piling, Clearing & Grubbing, Cold Plane AC Pavement, Concrete Barrier, Construction Area Signs, Construction Materials, Drive 24" CISS Concrete Pile, Drive 36" CISS Concrete Pile, Electrical, Erect Precast Concrete, Erosion Control, Furnish 24" CISS Concrete Piling, Furnish 36" CISS Concrete Piling, Furnish Precast Concrete, Joint Seal (MR 1/2"), Landscaping, Lead Compliance Plan, Midwest Guardrail System, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Prepare SWPPP, Railing, Roadway Excavation, Sign Work, Street Sweeping, Striping Work, Structural Concrete, Temporary Erosion Control, Traffic Control System, and Trucking
Plans and Specs are available for review at our office, or can be downloaded from
Bid Address: Electronic
Contract Duration: 200 Working Days
Contract Value: $ 11,500,000.00


Bid Due Date: 04-02-2020


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Gordon N. Ball, Inc.

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