Contract Description: Modify the existing US 101/Blossom Hill Road interchange in South San José. Construct new OC structure over US 101 between the 2 existing OC bridge decks to accommodate 1 additional lane of traffic in each direction; Construct an EB dedicated lane leading to the NB loop on-ramp. Widen the existing SB off-ramp to accommodate 3 right-turn lanes & 1 left-turn lane. Modify the existing traffic signal at the intersection of this off-ramp w/Blossom Hill Road by upgrading existing equipment to current standard & add signal equipment to accommodate new pedestrian/bicycle cross walks. Widen the NB off-ramp to accommodate 2 left-turn lanes, 1 through lane & 1 right-turn lane. Reconfigure the EB approach to the Blossom Hill Road/NB offramp/
Coyote Road intersection to accommodate 2 left-turn lanes & 2 through lanes. Widening Coyote Road on its east side to add merge lane. Modify connector ramp from Monterey Road to EB Blossom Hill
Road between Monterey Rd & the diagonal US 101 SB on-ramp.
Bid Address: 2100 Goodyear Rd., Benicia CA
Contract Duration: 3 years
Contract Value: $ 30.00


Estimator Name: Jeff Wells
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 05-27-2020
Bid Due Date: 05-28-2020


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