Contract Description: HWY 101 GORE PAVING, MONTEREY & SAN BENITO COUNTIES: Highway improvements requiring Lead Compliance Plan; Water Pollution Control Program; Construction Area Signs; Roadside Signs; Traffic Control; Crash Cushions; Barricades; Channelizers; Temporary Hi-Visibility Fence; Radar Speed Feedback Signs Rental; PCMS Boards Rental; Treated Wood Waste; Clear & Grub/Remove Trees; ADL Roadway Excavation; Pipe & Drainage Materials; Misc Iron & Steel; Irrigation; Hydroseed; Erosion Control; HMA Dike; Misc Paving; Adjust Utilities; Minor Concrete; Exposed Aggregates Concrete; Concrete Barrier; Chain Link Fence; Delineators; Object Markers; Striping & Marking; Electrical & Lighting Modifications; TMS Systems; Equipment Rental; Trucking & Equipment Mobilization.

Please contact our office if there are additional items, or portions of items, your firm is interested in bidding. Granite Construction will break down items of work to facilitate DBE participation on this project.
Bid Address: Hwy 101 in Monterey & San Benito Counties
Contract Duration: 120 Working Days
Contract Value: $ 4,280,000.00


Estimator Name: Clarence Sakoda
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 09-02-2020
Bid Due Date: 09-02-2020


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