Contract Description: The Project is generally described as: General school modernization and reconstruction at Main Building (Building A) including, but not limited to, ADA Access and Fire/Life/Safety upgrades; voluntary seismic strengthening; partial roof replacement; terra cotta repair; new play yard and play structure; miscellaneous site-work including new fencing and gates; and interim housing removal. Interior modernization includes, but not limited to, new flooring; new ceilings and light fixtures; new clock/bell/PA, security and video surveillance systems; new telephone system; new restrooms and warming kitchen; interior painting; hazardous material remediation; and other miscellaneous interior renovation work.

Trades seeking:
Masonry, Structural Steel, Architectural Wood Casework, Roofing, Rolling Fire Counter Doors, Glass Glazing, Ceramic Tile, Acoustical Panel Ceilings, Epoxy Flooring, Painting, Toilet Partitions, Projection Screens & Projectors Support Systems, Play Structure, Stage Equipment,
Bid Address: San Francisco, CA


Estimator Name: Gordy Lee
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 08-18-2020
Bid Due Date: 08-18-2020


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