Contract Description: TerraCon Constructors, Inc. is accepting quotes from, but not limited to, WBEs, MBEs and all other Subcontractors and Suppliers for construction, equipment, supplies, and services for the following Project: Skyline Road Water Main Upgrade. Bid Date: September 28th, 2020, 2:00PM. Estimated Cost is: $800,000.00. Project is 21 Calendar Days. Project Details: Can be found in the Bidding Documents which contain the full description of the Work. Quotes requested include, but are not limited to, the following scopes of work to encourage DBE participation: Local Trucking, Road Striping and Marking, Signs, Shoring, Railing, Fencing, Piping Materials, Rock and Bedding, Street Sweeping, Survey/Staking, Erosion Control, Asphalt, Sewerage & Drainage, Traffic Control, Ground Storage Tanks, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and any other trade and/or materials including partial items required by the project plans & specs. TerraCon Constructors, Inc. is available to assist with any questions rega
Bid Address: Skyline Road Water Main


Estimator Name: Valerie


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