Contract Description: Project: Morena Pump Station, Bid No. K-21-1801-DBB-3-A.
CASRF and EPA Funded Contract. SWRCB 4500-3 DBE Forms are REQUIRED. DBE Participation Encouraged. Quotes requested for the following, but not limited to, scopes of work: Aggregates, Aluminum Railings, AC Paving, Conc Doweling, Conc Finishing, Conc Unit Masonry, Conveyance Pipe, Curb & Gutters, Demo, Dewatering, Doors & Frames, Electrical, Fabricated Slide Gates, Fence & Gates, FRP, Fire Protection, Geotextiles, Glass Unit Masonry, Glazing, GRF Plastic, Grout, HVAC, I&C, Insulation, Joint Sealants, Landscaping & Irrigation, Manholes, Metal Fab, Metal Gratings, Metal Roofing, Microtunneling, Monorail Hoist & Jib Cranes, Overhead Bridge Cranes, Overhead Coiling Doors, Painting & Coating, Plumbing Pipe, Pollution Control Equipment, Post-Installed Anchors, P/C Conc, Pumps, Shoring, Signage, Steel Decking, Steel Joist, Steel Reinforcement, Stone Columns, Structural Steel Framing, Traffic Control, Unit Pavers, Valves, Waterproofing.
Bid Address: San Diego


Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 01-06-2021
Bid Due Date: 01-13-2021


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Flatiron West, Inc.