Contract Description: City of Eureka - Pedestrian Crossing Improvements
Constructing new sidewalk, removing and replacing existing sidewalk, and installing curb ramps, bulb-outs, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, LED flashing stop signs, speed feedback signs, audible pedestrian push buttons, detectable warning surfaces, and new thermoplastic crosswalk markings at 35 locations throughout the City of Eureka.

The DBE Contract goal is 16% percent. Federal-aid project no.: HSIPL-5017(047) The estimated cost of the project is $1,168,000.00. Plans and specifications are available in Granites Online Planroom: If you have any questions, please contact John Johnson at 707.467.4149 or email at All quotes should be emailed to or sent via fax to 707.467.4143 on or before 1:00 pm on bid day.
Bid Address: 35 Locations throughout City of Eureka
Contract Duration: 99 Working Days
Contract Value: $ 1,168,000.00


Estimator Name: John Johnson
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 02-16-2021
Bid Due Date: 02-16-2021


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