Contract Description: CDOT- 04-4J4204 (Sausalito)
Seeking Quotes from QUALIFIED AND CERTIFIED DBE for the following Items:
Lead Compliance Plan; Construction Area Signs; Traffic Control; Portable Message Signs; Erosion Control Items; Irrigation; Fencing; Underground Utilities; WPCP; Tack Coat; Cold Plane AC; Striping; Modify Signal & Lighting Systems; & Trucking, And other Related Work And/Or Items, and All Other Related Trades And Items of Work Including Partial Items that are required by the project plans & specifications.

The Plans, Specifications, and Bid Book are available at Caltrans Website
or by contacting our estimating department.

Team Ghilotti, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Performance and payment bonds may be required. Please call for assistance with bonding and insurance or obtaining necessary equipment, supplies or material for this project.
2531 Petaluma Blvd. S., Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone (
Bid Address: US-101 Off-Ramp/Sausalito Lateral Rd
Contract Duration: 300 Working Days
Contract Value: $ 900,000.00


Estimator Name: Robert Lee
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 03-08-2021
Bid Due Date: 03-09-2021


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