Contract Description: Shoreline Storage Tunnel, Project No. 1536
Owner: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
3900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115
BID DATE: March 30, 2021 at 1:00 PM

Opportunities to participate exist in the following specific areas of soil excavation, hauling, excavation support systems, deep foundation system(slurry walls or C-B walls, soldier beams), dewatering systems, structural steel, engineering, survey, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring services, materials testing, demolition and site preparation, tree removal, aggregates and fill, traffic control, sewer tap and sewer bypass pumping, A/C paving, environmental investigation, utility relocation, paving, fencing and gates, planting and seeding, retaining wall, cast-in-place concrete structures, cast-in-place pipe lining, reinforcing steel, ground stabilization, shotcrete, concrete finishing, miscellaneous metals, mechanical steel pipe, ventilation HVAC, precast concrete shaft covers, temporary office buildings/service
Bid Address: 3900 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH
Contract Duration: 58 months
Contract Value: $ 213,500,000.00


Estimator Name: Dennis Poulton
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 03-30-2021
Bid Due Date: 03-30-2021


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