Contract Description: Cleveland ES New Classroom Building & Interim Housing
The Project is generally described as:
a. Construction of a new 5,581 sq. ft. permanent 1-storey classroom building containing a school office, four classrooms, two all-gender neutral multi-stall toilet rooms, a single-occupancy staff toilet, a janitorial closet and an electrical utility room. The Project also includes, but not necessarily limited to, building and site demolition with hazardous abatement, earthwork, excavation and soil mitigation, extension of existing site utilities, storm water control with bio retention system, hard and soft landscaping including irrigation, fire alarm and security systems, replacement of playstructure safety rubber tiles, ADA site upgrades, fencing and gates, play yard resurfacing and game line striping.
b. Installation of three relocatable classroom buildings with attached toilets which includes prefabricated accessible metal ramps with transition landings, asphalt overlays and paving patch wo
Bid Address: 5616 Mission St.
Contract Duration: 484 days
Contract Value: $ 6,000,000.00


Estimator Name: Jonathan Wickman
Bid Due Date: 04-21-2021


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Wickman Development and Construction

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