Contract Description: Granite Construction Company (Granite) is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors and suppliers including certified DVBE firms for the following items of work, including but not limited to Asphalt Supplier; Pavement Markers Supplier; Traffic Control Supplier; Construction Area Signs; Traffic Control System; Traffic Flaggers; Pilot Car; Plane Asphalt Concrete; Pavement Reinforcing Fabric; Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe & Marking; Remove Striping & Marking; Pavement Marking; Speed Monitoring Station; Pavement Profiling; Lead Compliance; SWPPP Planning; Bottom Dump Trucking; Super 10 Dump Truck; Street Sweeping Truck; Trucker.
Bid Address: North Fork Cache Creek Bridge to 4.8 Miles West of Colusa County
Contract Duration: 40 working days
Contract Value: $ 2,990,000.00


Estimator Name: Steve Espinoza
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 05-05-2021
Bid Due Date: 05-05-2021


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Granite Construction Company

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