Contract Description: Administration/Laboratory Building – Select demolition and replacement of existing 200 ton air cooled chiller, recirculation pumps, expansion tank and associated chilled water piping; select demolition of existing process chiller and replacement with 5 ton air cooled chiller; select demolition and replacement of 1,000 CFM exhaust fan and 1,000 CFM fumehood exhaust fan; demolition of existing built up roof and replacement with modified bitumen roof; installation of fall protection railing around perimeter of building roof; select demolition and replacement of chilled water pipe insulation within building’s above ceiling space; installation of pipe supports on roof for future pipe; furnishing of temporary chiller to maintain building operation during construction; handling and proper disposal of debris and hazardous waste; and all required testing and training.

Dewatering Building – Select demolition and replacement of 45,000 CFM roof mounted vane axial exhaust fan; select demolition a
Bid Address: 375 11th Street, Oakland, ca
Contract Duration: 450 Days


Estimator Name: Charlie Slack
Date of Bid Proposal Submission: 05-12-2021
Bid Due Date: 05-12-2021


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